Type FutureType Createjson-to-elm post ⇒ vite-elm-dojo commit : refactor(Main): message ParseJson

JSON not parsed. Please enter your data and click 'Parse JSON'.

Parsed JSON

Elm Debugger displays the ParseJson message an the model


Elm Debugger displays 3 UpdateInput messages before ParseJson. Each keystroke sends an UpdateInput message: "N", "NO" and "NOT".


The error message Err (Field "journal" (Failure "Expecting an OBJECT with a field named type" <internals>)) indicates that there was an issue during decoding of the JSON data. In the provided JSON, the "journal" field is an array ([]) containing an object. To resolve this issue, you can update the decoder to correctly handle the "journal" field as an array of objects.

Note: The same should be true for the "story" field.