Dojo Exercises

# Experiment and Exploration

We make pages here primarily for the making experience. The entries are in the context of Education as an experimental way to explore the world.


Quub Demo was recommended to us as a simpler example than Croquet Fountain

jun 2022

Multiblaster in a HTML snippet with script tag

Croquet Multiblaster as JS snippets

World Core Tutorial 1 with emitted webpack asset

Worldcore reconstructs it in literate programming style

Microverse Builder github clone running in a frame ⇒ Secure, Sandboxed iFrames

Croquet Dice Rolling Example demonstrates sandbox and websocket issues

Food Web Unbound graph data experiments continued

Croquet Gallery used in the Federated Wiki Matrix Chat

PiiX How to add a browser window to the Croquet Gallery?

jan 2023

feb 2023

mar 2023

Closest Points on Ellipses – Interactive visualization – $compile and mount

apr 2023

Compromise – parse, transform, and use text

Elm-Form Demo – Exploring a New Form API Design – Hello, Vite + Elm!

may 2023

Elm and JSON – How to fetch some JSON data.

jun 2023

Decode JSON in Elm – copy a wiki page .json and paste it into the text area of our view. commit

aug 2023

Create your own Avatar code , page , github

sep 2023

We collect functions that read and write Wiki Pages and transform them into HTML to display them in a browser.

We either get back the entire paragraph without any links being detected, or a link without detecting any other links that may follow it.