**Problem:** Values are changing. How do you represent a point of view into that Stream of changes?

**Therefore:** Borrowing from the metaphor of accounting, we call the basic representation of perspective a “posting date”. The posting date is the date on which a piece of data officially entered the system. In the context of Time Travel, this is the date on which a Version is committed to its History. See Double-Entry Bookkeeping.

Create a Perspective object. Give it a Posting Date or Timestamp.

Consider including an Effective Date or Trade Date/Settle Date in the Perspective

**Notes:** Perspective replaces the Date as a storage and lookup key with a more sophisticated object.


The Meaning of Action is now clarified not by immersion in its essence, its telos, its own character, but quite the contrary by applying a discrepant, inadequate, alien Yardstick, for which Kenneth Burke coins the apt formula "Perspective by Incongruity."

Understand divergent ways of seeing an issue to support the group in openly and thoughtfully exploring options. Be flexible and use your imagination in considering a variety of vantage points. The key is in how you look at something.

Each person in each place at every moment has a unique perspective. Respecting this and finding ways to deal with this level of complexity is a real and important challenge.

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