**Problem:** Values are changing. How do you represent a point of view into that Stream of changes?

**Therefore:** Borrowing from the metaphor of accounting [⇒ Doppelte BuchführungDouble-Entry Bookkeeping], we call the basic representation of perspective a “posting date”. The posting date is the date on which a piece of data officially entered the system. In the context of Time Travel, this is the date on which a Version is committed to its History.

Create a Perspective object. Give it a Posting Date or Timestamp.

Consider including an Effective Date or Trade Date/Settle Date in the Perspective

**Notes:** Perspective replaces the Date as a storage and lookup key with a more sophisticated object.


Understand divergent ways of seeing an issue to support the group in openly and thoughtfully exploring options. Be flexible and use your imagination in considering a variety of vantage points. The key is in how you look at something.

Each person in each place at every moment has a unique perspective. Respecting this and finding ways to deal with this level of complexity is a real and important challenge.

is an ackronym for The Agent-Centric Distributed Application Meta-ontology or just: Agent-Centric DApp Meta-ontology and a set of minimal assumptions to make all apps interoperate. site , github , github

The Meaning of Action is now clarified not by immersion in its essence, its telos, its own character, but quite the contrary by applying a discrepant, inadequate, alien Yardstick, for which Kenneth Burke coins the apt formula "Perspective by Incongruity."