Bill Seitz @marcpierson: you might want to look up Jonathan Moore, deals with neighborhoods, tech, Incarceration. Just heard his talk at Chicago CTO Summit. https://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/news/2021/06/25/best-in-tech-awards-2021-jonathan-moore-rowdyorbit.html via matrix

Oliver Nachtwey @onachtwey Soziolog:innenbubble: Es ist Zeit für eine Marienthalstudie! tweet Robert Misik | misik.at @misik – https://www.falter.at/zeitung/20220511/marienthal-schafft-die-arbeitslosigkeit-ab


# natto.dev write JavaScript on a 2D canvas

Paul Shen 沈博文 – a prototype showing a template's generated panes inside the template pane. a canvas inside a canvas. tweet

> natto the app is closed source but i'm always happy to share implementation details discord


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1. tip calculator

If you squint, this looks like a spreadsheet using JavaScript! Each eval pane has a top code editor and an output area. By default, eval panes run in expression mode with autorun enabled. Running in expression mode means the pane's code is treated as a JavaScript expression. With autorun enabled, a pane will rerun whenever its code changes or an input runs.


MobX https://mobx.js.org/README.html


klin — 2022-05-11 via discord A simple 3d rendering demo I have to use jspm.dev for the pex packages natto.dev/@jin @paul how can I simulate import {mat4} from 'pex-math'

Mat4.js https://vorg.github.io/pex/docs/pex-geom/Mat4.html