Values are changing. How do you represent a point of view into that Stream of changes?

The page history as represented by the Journal, at the bottom of the page, provides a linear view into history. What you see will depend on where you are standing.

As can be seen by Understanding Page History this can be complex, containing differing Viewpoints – and maybe realities.

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How do you design a Screenshot to explain a code issue? book

The narrative chart provides an experimental view of how a page has evolved within the federation. It is still a work in progress, an early version is available but there are no automatic links yet.

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# decision journal 18

decision journal 18

# Roassal3 for GToolkit

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self addSnippet: (QuLeTranscriptLineSnippet new string: 'Test'; yourself)

# GsDemos

Experiments with pharo / glamorous toolkit github

#BaselineOfTsPharo asClass loadLepiter

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  • I wish to watch the page evolve like a movie.
  • Ward reflects on "why hardly a day goes by when I am not asked if it wouldn't be possible to hide the Journal. My position has been that it should be more present, more beautiful, more of a guide to knowing. What is it that people expect from a computer?"


    > I wish to watch the page evolve like a movie.

    As can be seen by Understanding Page History this can be complex, containing differing view points - and maybe realities.

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    GsAnimation: multiple tracks

    > This "zipping" logic is performed in {{gtMethod:GsAnimation>>gotoFrame:}}

    gotoFrame: i | values | values := (self valuesForFrame: i) readStream. self animatedProps do: [:prop| prop set: values next]


    GsAnimation gotoFrame:


    position in seconds?


    START 752 END 1010 YOUTUBE LnICJf0-yYA Get these builders working


    END 1010


    Can intent be mechanically discovered from action? (Journal as History Visualized)

    These are ideas that we've thought about over and over but not done yet. Soon. See also Finished Work.

    Journal Spacers break up the journal at human-scale intervals like day, month, year. ✔ Might also control journal compression.


    Want to work with K at 1010data? post

    > However, if you think this might be up your alley, and you want to really get our attention, I'd suggest playing around with "oK" - an open source Javascript implementation of k9 with a "ike" - a neat IDE you can use right in your browser for making interactive graphics: […] github


    GsAnimationExamples class bouncingSquare

    GsAnimationExamples class>>#pathmapScene

    Instance of MAElementBuilder did not understand #visitAnimationsDescription:

    GsAnimationExamples class bouncingSquare

    GsAnimationExamples class>>#bouncingSquare

    Same (?) example from within the Lepiter page used in the video.


    START 225 END 362 YOUTUBE LnICJf0-yYA GsAnimationExamples pathmapAnimation


    END 362

    YOUTUBE gNxgLIcsuaQ


    PileUp is a note-taking app Michal Wallace made in javascript.

    YOUTUBE uqmX_r6fauY Live broadcast on June 24, 2023

    - [x] LL Library: New work - [ ] a FwpStoryComponent, Type video:

    YOUTUBE uqmX_r6fauY Live broadcast on June 24, 2023

    - [X] LlYouTubeVideo @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqmX_r6fauY - [X] Youtube Transcript Extractor https://youtu.be/uqmX_r6fauY transcripts.csv


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    Thompson Morrison imagines his sister pausing, for a moment, before she stepped in front of the train.

    Carrie Mae Weems

    Carrie Mae Weems, Reflections for Now


    Carrie Mae Weems page in GT Dynabook

    localhost journal = host journal