About Federated Wiki

We remain excited about this platform and have become increasingly confident that it embodies important new ideas. We will explain.

In public we say federated wiki to distinguish our work from other wiki implementations. Here when we say wiki we mean this wiki, federated wiki.

We write in English on laptop computers. We aspire to be in all languages on all platforms but have always had something more exciting to do first. Forgive us.

# Basics

Click links to open new pages. Use the browser's back button to go back.

Use arrow keys to scroll left and right between pages. The first page, Welcome Visitors, is a good place to start.

# Ideas

We started with a few simple ideas and have remained committed to showing them to be sound.

Mixed Content on pages sufficient to get work done.

Profligate Copying as a foundation for creativity.

# Discoveries

We find surprise in the mechanisms that have emerged from our daily use of a system still in active development.

Workflows composed from primitive actions replace interfaces engineered for purpose.

Structures aggregate through transformations applied by pages chosen for effect.

Neighborhoods called up for the activity at hand outperform static structures no matter how well intentioned.