About Markdown Plugin

The Markdown plugin allows you to format text using a paragraph oriented subset of markdown. We add link syntax from Federated Wiki and task lists from GitHub.

See GitHub for plugin source.

# Features

This page offers an overview of those markdown features we support, and pointers to those plugins that provide support for those parts we choose not to.

# Paragraphs, Headers, and Blockquotes

A paragraph is simply one or more consecutive lines of text, separated by one or more blank lines. The markdown plugin will create a new page item when the enter key is pressed twice.

Headings are created by putting a `# ` at the beginning of the line. While ordinarily the number of `#`s indicates the header level, in Federated Wiki all headers within a page are considered to be `<h3>`.

Blockquotes are indicated using angle brackets, `> `, at the start of the line.

# Links

Write [ [ Page Titles ] ] inside of double square brackets to make an internal link to a new wiki page.

Write [ http://example.com/webpage.html webpage ] inside single square brackets to make an external link to another web page. Include a second field that specifies how the link is to appear in the rendered text.

By convention external links are represented by single lower-case words that identify what kind of page one will find when clicking the link.

# Images

The image plugin should be used for images.

# Code

In regular paragraphs, you can create code span by wrapping text in backtick quotes. However, entire blocks of code are better handled by using the code plugin.

# Emphasis

Markdown treats asterisks and underscores as indicators of emphasis. Text wrapped with one \* or \_ will be wrapped with an HTML `<em>` tag, typically shown in *italics*; while double \*'s or \_'s will be wrapped with HTML `<strong>`, typically shown in **bold**.

It is possible to prevent \* or \_ from being used to indicate emphasis by preceding it with a backslash `\*` or `\_`.

# Lists

Both of the standard HTML lists are supported, together with task lists from GitHub flavoured markdown. We render list markers in the left margin of the wiki page.

* Unordered, bullet, lists use asterisks, pluses or hyphens as list markers.

1. Numbered lists use a number, followed by periods, as list markers. _**N.B.** The numbering is reset for each markdown item._

* [x] Task lists are lists with items marked as either `* [ ]` or `* [x]` (incomplete or complete). A single click on the checkbox will edit the item and save the change like any other edit.