About MathJax Plugin

The MathJax plugin renders LaTeX mathematical notation imbedded within an otherwise normal paragraph.

Probability of getting \(k\) heads when flipping \(n\) coins \[ P(E) = {n \choose k} p^k (1-p)^{ n-k } \]

Read about the MathJax display engine at mathjax.org .

See GitHub for plugin source.


Enclose LaTeX within backslashed parens when you want to imbed an expression fragment within running text.

Enclose LaTeX within backslashed square brackets when you want to write complete expressions on lines by themselves.


The engine expects to scan a complete html page for escapes. The plugin makes use of the advanced engine api attempting to focus the engine on only recently rendered items of type mathjax.

We load the engine from the MathJax content deliver network (cdn). This means that a laptop based wiki will not render LaTeX unless the laptop also has network connectivity.