They become addressable entities in the genre of the fictional.

Every knowledge object—from the largest documents, to aggregate branches, down to content units such as characters—has an unambiguous address, understandable and readable by a user, and referenceable anywhere in the hyperdocument system. Such intrinsic addressability should be integrated deeply into commands for editing, structuring, jumping. Intrinsic addressing options not only are natural to learn and embed in links, but serve as parameters for direct, user-invoked jumping and manipulation commands. This addressing scheme allows direct or indirect add

Imagine yourself as the stranger, looking for a particular address, within the building. From your Point Of View, the building is easy to grasp if someone can explain the position of this address to you, in a way you can remember easily, and carry in your head while you are looking for it. To put this in its most pungent form: a person must be able to explain any given address within the building, to any other person, who does not know his way around, in one sentence. For instance, “Come straight through the main gate, down the main path and turn into the second little gate, the small one with the blue grillwork—you can’t miss my door.”