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Thompson sent me a photo of 'my' avatar at the time (via Matrix Chat) so I could see what 'I' looked like to him.

In the Wonder Room context, Thompson also addressed the color of the avatars, problematized it (keyword: People of Color)

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Formulare gestalten ⇒ Profil ⇒ ProfilingYou and Your Profile MOELLER, Hans-Georg and D’AMBROSIO, Paul J., 2021. You and Your Profile: Identity After Authenticity. Online. Columbia University Press. [Accessed 5 February 2023]. ISBN 978-0-231-19600-0.


avatar | BrE ˈavətɑː, ˌavəˈtɑː, AmE ˈævəˌtɑr, ˌævəˈtɑr | noun Avatar (Mask.)

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