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- The concept of a container is tangible, not abstract.

> A Container is an Object from the Outside and a process from the Inside. (Bricken, Iconic Arithmetic Volume I, p. 137) - (within Containers for knowledges?)


Cartes-Guides Alphabétiques → Leitkarten ⇒ Guide Cards See: Crc Card

Copy Operation (within Title) → **Copy**

**Context** (within within)

- Arrangement - Frame, put into separate frames, carry Frame Type along, i.e. Item-id. See Allele - Alternating Contexts

**Computer** (within Smalltalk Is the Car) → **Car**

Convert js.ward.asia.wiki.org

Convert HTML Script to Graph (within js.ward.asia.wiki.org)

CSV (within Exports from OPM) See: Source of Whole In Parts Conversation Set


control systems through such models ⇒ LLMs See: The Phenomenon of Control, Model Power, Model Monopoly → "~/mdp/0c1"


Choice (within Unsicherheitsabsorption) (Uncertainty absorption)

Clock → "**~/clock/0**"

Clerk (within Clojure)

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