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By category (some OS's may appear in more than one)

Standard Unices and Unix clones; including Unix ports on top of Micro Kernels:

Bsd Os family:

Derivations from Unix (may support POSIX.1 API or something resembling a standard Unix shell, but deviates from Unix in some significant way)

C/Executive (cut-down embedded UNIX)


Windows (desktop/server):

Microsoft Windows '95 '98 ME

Other PC operating systems, including legacy systems:

MS/PC-DOS, aka Disk Operating System (Is DOS really legacy? You can get PC-DOS 2000 from IBM.) But used primarily in the embedded world.

Ibm Os Two (now called eComStation)

React Os, an Open Source implementation of the Windows API

Well-known Micro Kernels:

Cap Os (The Cambridge "Cap" OS)

pSOS (Not to be confused with Psos Os)


Tao Intent Os (evolved from TAOS and Elate)

Hand Held computing (this refers to OS's designed for this purpose; Linux Os also powers commercial PDAs)

Big Iron OS's (excluding Unix/Windows):

Things Steve Jobs had something to do with (and derivatives thereof):

Operating systems written in a high-level programming language

Genera Os (written in Lisp Language: mostly Zeta Lisp and Common Lisp; see also Lisp Machine)

MCP (written in Algol Language)

MULTICS: Multiple-Access Computing Services (Multics Os)(written in a preliminary Pli Language)



Distributed OS:

Amoeba (see Python)


Programming Languages which resemble an OS (or which are often found self-hosting -- see Language Is An Os and Pinky And The Brain Language). Operating systems implemented in C or C++ don't count here.

Ucsd Pascal and UCSD p-System: extended Pascal Language running only on its stand-alone OS.

OS's from 70s and 80s micros, now largely legacy OS's:

Tramiel Operating System (TOS, the Mac Os-knockoff that ran on Atari St hardware)


Unnamed OS/DOS/monitor programs, etc. which ran on 8-bit micros of the era.

Others, sorted in alphabetical order (categorize please):



And in the abstract:

Some legacy operating systems:

AMOS (Alpha Micro OS -- a Unix-like OS for Alpha Micro systems


Others: (to be deleted here, added above, or used to fix links in lists above... maybe)

Android (Google / Open Source Alliance)

Which ones use Cooperative Threading?

Alternative ideas: Exo Kernel

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