This is where everything starts. It is “the mark” in George Spencer-Brown's, Laws of Form. It's always binary. Whenever we know something about the past or the future then Bayes theorem can improve our odds. There is a branch of logic based on choosing. Everything a digital computer does is done with binary choices.

Worldviews are made up of these cleavages. We have a large or small set of binary choices through which we split up the world into categories of our own making. Once we have a category it defines how we see the world. Actually that decision to create and use a category creates a world.

Poetry sometimes attempts to deny or delay or inform binary choices [⇒ Parallel Poetry]. It complains about “the mark”. It tries to jump, get above, or below, or around the common marks. Sometimes poetry struggles against marks. Sometimes poetry seeks marks not yet made. Even when struggling with marks they are still in play.

Ashby's law is about choices. It's about our ability to choose.