Distinction is perfect Continence. (Laws of Form)

Distinction is not numeric, it has no units of measurement and no scale of comparison. “Difference is not a quantity.” [⇒ QWAN]

As such, distinction is not grounded in science, it is grounded in Experience.

In the primordial Event of a *distinction*, the distinction is its own Name. ⇒ Literal

See *Keynote: Explorations in Laws of Form — Louis H Kauffman*. youtube


The making of a distinction is the beginning of order. It establishes the cleavage between the object distinguished and everything else in the field of perception. The act of distinction is a Choice made by an Observer to select this object rather than another or this dimension rather than that one. The making of a distinction precedes the sending of any message, the assignment or recognition of an identity/ and the determination of any criterion for judgment.