Dynabook Demo: Transcripts

What would a Dynabook (a la Alan Kay) look like from the inside? Here is the result of one user's system, lived in and honed for over a decade:

YOUTUBE EDpY-WqPKJY Dynabook Demo: Transcripts by Sean DeNigris

This screencast is going to be about the Dynabook project and it looks at the Dynabook dream from a user's perspective. So mucht of the things that have been written about the Dynabook really look at it from a high level of programming team creating this tool to unleash creative spirit and to augment the human intellect. But I wondered what that would look like as an actual user working with that for quite a long time. So I decided to publish the results of my work and open source it.

The big part ot the dynabook dream to me is that it erases this really accidental tragic concept of application stovepipes, where we have a contact application and an application for dealing with files and maybe we have an application for dealing with URL bookmarks and then we have an application like calibre to deal with our digital works (ebook management). And it's highly questionable how interactive and interoperable any of those are. So the Dynabook erases all that.

Topics covered: * unleash creative spirit * concept of application stovepipes * concept of resources * Quote Me - deals with quotes and citations * Living Library - A re-imagination of what a library can be once freed from a being a physical building housing (only) physical items * My People - Address Book service

Code can be found at github . Demo was done on the fabulous Glamorous Toolkit platform site .

It gives you this role of tools here:

Dynabook in Glamorous Toolkit

The `Address Book` is that My People. Most of the libraries have a singleton instance. That is the highest level object. That is your entry point.

When you start, you’re going to deal with your Singleton instances. We’re going to look at an example of a YouTube video.

6:44 – `exampleAddYouTubeVideo`: the Capability of creating a YouTube video.

Now remember The Shortest Way to the Self pattern and the link string from the Stop Drawing Dead Fish video.

self fromLinkString: 'https://youtu.be/ZfytHvgHybA'.

The Capability of creating a video … 07:11

8:49 – `copy`

11:12 – a LlLibrary (0 copies of 1 works)

11:33 – a LlAuthoredWork ("Stop Drawing Dead Fish")

11:42 – MpAddressBook >> `exampleHarryPotter`

**Note**: `Contacts with details` issue fixed github

13:03 – For each type of class you end up having some relevant snippets that you use over and over and over in the inspector.