Elm-Form Demo

Standalone version of the elm-pages Form API. elmweekly , ellie , package

───> http://form.dreyeck.ch/assets/home/index.html


We dive into some ideas for a new Form design, pulling in a lot of our favorite Elm techniques to make it safe and intuitive. podcast

We consider the case where assets are devised to make a welcoming custom home page that others might wish to emulate. We catalog examples with a page of Reference to a standardized asset description pages that are intended to be forked into new sites.

We have an asset convention for making Safe and Familiar Welcome pages. The server looks for index.html in the home asset. When there, it redirects to this to start browsing. We encourage this by offering examples to be forked and modified.

Wikimedia Research is a team of scientists and engineers using data to understand and empower millions of readers and contributors who interact with Wikipedia and its sister projects on a daily basis. site

We could provide an "index.html" style template in the server that would present a more familiar welcome page before easing visitors into the new world of federated wiki.

> It turns out many services they [⇒ Wikimedia Research] inherit from wiki aren't available in the static site generator they used. These include language translation as well as simply being able to correct punctuation.

elm-pages is a framework for building an Elm single-page app with pre-rendered HTML pages. docs

Note: elm-pages could be an alternative to the static page generator mentioned on the Safe and Familiar Welcome page.

We reserve a space among the assets for a custom welcome page which will exist outside the normal look and feel of federated wiki.

We recommend assets be stored in assets subdirectories that are unlikely to collide with other uses. We recommend some path name conventions and list some paths already reserved for specific usage.