How will we deliver on the Obeya+ construct using FedWiki to its maximum?

# Place the cursor inside "graph" to get some refactoring options digraph { layout=dot rankdir=LR overlap=false concentrate=true node [style=filled shape=box color=blue fontcolor=white] bgcolor=lightblue "Visualization\nTools" [fillcolor=red] Obeya -> Projectors [label=Organizes] Projectors -> { "Real\nTime\nMetrics" "System\nMap (graph)" "People\nWall" Maps "Value Stream\nMaps" A3 "Tripod Beta\nSafety Graph" "Backlog\nList" Sprint "Present\nResults" } [color=green3 penwidth=3 label="Required\nFor"] "Backlog\nList" -> Sprint [label="Resolved\nThrough"] A3 -> Sprint [label=Inform] Maps -> Sprint [label=Inform] "Real\nTime\nMetrics" -> Sprint [label=Inform] Sprint -> "Present\nResults" [label=Creates] FedWiki -> Projectors [label=Enables] Obeya -> { "Visualization\nTools" FedWiki } [label="Consists of"] "Visualization\nTools" -> Projectors [label=Enables] }