Find Empty Pages

I've been critical of making empty pages. Better to not make links at all with no intention of writing. But a link alone does not make an empty page. One must click create after being warned that the page does not exist.

How often have I violated my own rule? I crafted this expression that will run in the browser's javascript console to report sitemap slots for empty pages.

wiki.neighborhood[].sitemap .filter(info=>info.synopsis=='A page with 0 items.')

This works because a page with no items has no means of offering other than the generated page synopsis.


Here I found one empty page with back links.

Feeling judgmental? Scan the neighborhood.

Object.entries(wiki.neighborhood) .map(([site,map]) => [site, map.sitemap .filter(info=> info.synopsis=='A page with 0 items.') .map(info => info.title) .join(", ")]) .filter(tuple => tuple[1].length)

Scanning a long list of my own sites I find some.

['', 'Complex Numbers Made Simple'] ['', 'About Me, scratch'] ['', 'scratch'] ['', 'drop'] ['', 'Coding Standard Location or notes?'] ['', 'scratch'] ['', 'scratch'] ['', 'scratch']

Mostly scratch files left from an old workflow.


This html script will offer a clickable list of empty pages followed by a list if referencing pages, if any. github


We recommend adding a synopsis to empty pages hinting at intentions, or, removing the page and unlinking the references so as to not distract readers.