Fork Network Graph

We explore wiki site connectivity to exercise of our nascent Property Graph implementation. Here we will work around limitations in our graph api by digging into things we know about its implementation. Then we will widen the api until this is no longer necessary. github


We start with barely enough nodes to tell of our collaborations. arrows

See Fork Network Roundabout where we take multiple trips around this loop.


Launch the Deno repl with this graph loaded. site

export pages='' deno repl --reload --eval "import {Graph} from '${pages}/mock-graph-data/graph.js'; let g = await Graph.fetch('${pages}/fork-network-graph/forks.json');"

Here we find the ip of Farms and then collect the domain names of the Sites it hosts.

g.n('Farm').props().map(ip => [ip, g.n('Farm',{name:ip}).o().t().props()])


Try recognizing dojo organization with Strongly Connected Components

Wikipedia example. tarjan wikipedia


We got lost trying to convert scc.html to work with our fork data so we will go our own way.

// HEIGHT 600