Greenlight Core

Greenlight is a real time collaboration workspace application. A room in Greenlight is a large two-dimensional space where users can create many collaborative apps, notes, images and web pages and manipulate them. github

## Invoking Greenlight While running Greenlight does not require Node or Npm; having them installed on your computer in general helps. First, you need to copy or install three library files. […] If your system does not have curl, you can open the unpkg URLs specified below in a web browser, and save the js files under the specified names. If you don't have npm, manually copy three files. 1. Download croquet.min.js ```bash curl -L -o croquet/croquet.min.js ``` 2. Download croquet-virtual-dom.js ```bash curl -L -o croquet/croquet-virtual-dom.js ``` 3. Download widgets.js ```bash curl -L -o croquet/widgets.js ``` Those files are downloaded to your local disk […].


Add your Croquet API key to `apiKey.js` Obtain your apiKey from Croquet Dev Portal, create `apiKey.js` by copying `apiKey.js-example` to `apiKey.js`, and insert the key into it.

**Frame**: (`landing.html `)

// HEIGHT 400