Greenlight is a real time collaboration workspace application. A room in Greenlight is a large two-dimensional space where users can create many collaborative apps, notes, images and web pages and manipulate them. github , tinlizzie , or Sign In


**Note**: Here we would like to refer in particular to the comments of Ward and Eric, who pointed us to the pattern in Static Import Snippet (`importjs.html`). > Look for eric 's variation where he avoids using eval by converting the code to be eval'd into a **dataurl** and then importing that inside his run-script.

Those apps and objects are visualized with browser's DOM elements, sometimes in `iframes`, so that they can take advantage of the browser's features while keeping the Greenlight core lightweight.

Its network layer is powered by Croquet . Croquet's unique technology ensures bit-identical computation in each participants' local browser, reducing network traffic and latency.

Greenlight is built on top of the Croquet Virtual DOM Framework . The Virtual DOM Framework provides a simple abstraction layer to support Croquet's Model-View separation by storing virtualized DOM property and structure. **The framework treats application code as data so that it can be modified at runtime**, which enables Greenlight to have the capability to support live programming.


The production installation of Greenlight is available at []( The Greenlight Core repository provides the code of used for production. Its purpose is to provide code samples of a large and flexible working Croquet application. While all core features are provided, some apps in the tool bar may not be started as they are restricted to only run from the `` domain.