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The Problem Is “I,” the shortest selfreferential loop. When speaking about oneself, using “I,” Magic is performed. One creates oneself by creating oneself. “I” is the Operator who is the result of the Operation. -- Heinz von FoersterThe Ethical Imperative

**Information** (within r.Data.Homan.Kovacs) - (within Flip Operation). See Copy Operation - defined as an Event that selects the states of a System

- (within Digital Garden)

indexlocate conversations based on Information extracted into indexes of various kinds. [⇒ Conversation as Search (within Typescript Locator)]

KWIC Index, idea of Keyword-in-Context (KWIC) indexing

Intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) (within Capture the Learning) See: r.LearningAnalytics.Martin.Sherin

**The Idea Compass** ((within Zettelkasten) within Antinet)

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