Instructional Scaffolding

is the support given to a student by an instructor throughout the learning process. wikipedia

This support is specifically tailored to each student; this instructional approach allows students to experience student-centered learning, which tends to facilitate more efficient learning than teacher-centered learning. This learning process promotes a deeper level of learning than many other common teaching strategies. wikipedia


has to be set up as close encounters and careful but invisible Sequencing to allow the children to make the final leaps themselves.

Plato mourned the invention of the alphabet, worred that the use of text would threaten memory-based arts of rhetoric. In his *Dialogues*, arguing through the voice of Thamus, the Egyptian king of the gods, Plato claimed the use of this more modern technology would create "Forgetfulness in the learners; soulds, because they will not use their memories." and that those who adopt it would "appear to be omniscient and will generally know nothing," with "the show of wisdom without the reality."

Possible Countermeasure “Scaffolded” Assignments