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Distinction is perfect continence.

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Why do we develop such desperate feelings when we lose our cell phone?

Klaus Daube, Diagrams and nomograms for the Flowtec Handbook. pdf

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Nifi PlcAddressString syntax (

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Note: we can't call playerModel.getDMXObject() as this would build an entire object model, but its "value" is not yet available in case the association is part of the player's composite structure. ⇒ Values

Modeling Software with Finite State Machines. page

Of Creative Leaps and Surviving Mistakes. post (de)

In the primordial event of a distinction, the distinction is its own name.

ACKERMANN, Wilhelm. Solvable cases of the decision problem. 1954.

I am debugging the following code (in gt and in Cuis):

The concepts of #FederatedWiki are also on Konrad Hinsen's radar for a collaborative version of Leibniz.

RedecentralizationThe R/K Concept: R/K selection theory. wikipedia

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bhaugen via matrix @Ward and all, I am the colleague that Mike mentioned up thread. So thanks Mike, and thank you Ward for the fascinating demo.

Object Pages Not Shown in Spotter when Contents Matches #13. [github], discord