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Design Goals of the Smallest Federated Wiki page

Last year we shipped a first version of #Lepiter and it felt great to see it flying out the door:

Glamorous Toolkit

Matrix CRDT #102 github

The Reference plugin records the remote site and quotes the synopsis of a page on that site.

Let's Encrypt certificate expiration notice for domain ""

Employees must sleep in nuclear power plant in case of emergency (Basler Zeitung, 2022-01-07, p. 8)


I am looking for a specialized Spotter to also search the pages of my external wiki and create a Lepiter Twin Page. @SeanDeNigris seems to have some spotter examples, doesn't he?

Alan Kay’s paper for MacArthur Foundation pdf

Malleable Systems Collective

Arrested, missing, humiliated Former Basel politician and master butcher Marcel Hess, known as the "Kosher Sausage King," is fighting the Basel public prosecutor's office, accusing it of anti-Semitism. A judicial drama with an open outcome.

PBridge – Restart in gt Dynabook brought us to Sunsetting Python 2 after enabling incoming connections for gt in the macOS firewall.

For a long time, literary writing (like art practices in general) was considered a counter-design to a purpose-oriented capitalist working society that rationalized and objectified its own actions.

different people explaining the same recipe reddit


gt Discord


David Ing, 2021/11/07 Progress on Systems Changes Learning: Coevolving towards Rethinking Systems Thinking post pdf

"A pandemic is a natural disaster." z#5065

Our global livelihoods are intrinsically tied to mining. The technologies we use, as currently designed, are not possible without the minerals and metals that are an essential part of several of their components. As a result, HCI research and applications are tightly dependent on mining, including the negative environmental and social impacts resulting from it. This paper aims to describe and reflect on this problematic entanglement as a "wicked cycle."

**Context**: Chorus of Voices, z#5096

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