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Building on the work of Ward importing, and merging, graphs from arrow; here we take a look algorithms for find strongly connected components (SSCs).

I was looking at an example from botwhytho today. discord

Assembly theory has been developed to explore the extrinsic information required to distinguish a given object from a random ensemble. Objects with a high assembly index can be uniquely identified as those that must have been produced using directed biological or technological processes rather than purely random processes. pdf

The history of patterns in software development. By Rainer Grimm. heise online (de)

I spend the second day reading Rainer Grimm's Heise Online article on the history of patterns in software development and especially the *Using Pattern Languages for Object-Oriented Programs* report c2 .

My problem with the Egoless Creation paper has to do with the following sentence:

Pott, Hans-Georg (2001). „Das ́Subjekt ́ bei Niklas Luhmann“, in: Paul Geyer/Claudia Jünke (Hg.), Von Rousseau zum Hypertext. Subjektivität in Theorie und Literatur der Moderne, Würzburg, S. 65-75.

In the cybernetic literature one often finds the term model at this functional place of "self-description". A system regulates itself with the help of models. However, the model of the regulator is thought of as being outside the states to be regulated: A thermostat must model the world as a heat/cold world, but it does not include in this model the possibility that the world itself could overheat or undercool it. This limitation is to be removed by the term self-description.

MIT Prof. Nancy Leveson claims 40 years of experience with systems and from this perspective disagrees with Safety-II point by point for 100 pages. pdf

# What Are Motor Duty Cycles?

ACKOFF, Russell Lincoln, 1981. Creating the corporate future: plan or be planned for. New York: Wiley. ISBN 978-0-471-09009-0.

Jeff Miller via matrix sending a link to myself via Element -- Jonathan Edwards touching on one of the centers of my DELIGHT list, which Ward responded to -- , post

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Following a suggestion by Dirk Baecker, we assume that terrorism has to do with a certain management of communicative connections, with a certain handling of the generation of communicative connectivity. The idea is:

Distinction networks. doi