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Carbon Credits: We find that about 88 percent of existing voluntary offset projects do not actually contribute to emissions reductions. Carbon credits across the board do not deliver what they promise.

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Protologik: JOKISCH, Rodrigo, 1996. Logik der Distinktionen: zur Protologik einer Theorie der Gesellschaft. Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag. Studien zur Sozialwissenschaft, Bd. 171. ISBN 978-3-531-12804-7

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Stadtgärtner zu Sturmschäden in Basel page – Überschrift in der gedruckten Ausgabe: "Nach Sturm: Ersatzbäume stehen bereit" (Basler Zeitung, 2023-07-14, S. 19)

Geolocation: More than Mountaineering: Using PeakVisor for Geolocation post

Evolution: Ist die Evolutionstheorie noch zu retten? page


EvolutionCo-evolution: "What learning and feedback processes are necessary drivers for Evolution?

DialecticCoherence of Negation: Under the title "dialectic" one has tried to think its regulative function. With it a form is aimed at, in which one can pose the problem of the coherence of negation performances. This need not at the same time be a historical law with a claim to necessary validity. Dialectics is not, as Marxists think, already the law of evolution. However, taking up Bachelard's turn to the concept of "dialectization“, one could see in it a regulation of questions, which is also suitable to normalize evolutionary variations

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Rackets: The starting point of Fromm's reflections is the peculiar interlocking of coercion and voluntariness that can be observed in certain character types in their relationship to authority or submission to it, and thus also the "satisfaction that the relationship to authority obviously has for many of those subjected to it, that pleasure in obedience and submission". Fromm states in his essay that "the love of the stronger grows on an extremely ambivalent emotional basis". This ambivalence is often expressed by dividing the powerful into two gr