Learning Journey

Each day we are traveling on a learning journey – some days traveling further than others.

The amount of learning depends on the amount of discomfort, as unknowns surface to disrupt expectation.

We think of this as the Learning Delta, the difference between expectation and experience.

We need to manage our learning delta, recognizing that if it's too small, we stagnate, if it's too large we suffer debilitating stress, fearing annihilation as chaos overwhelms order and we fear it might not be restored.

The stress we seek is the right kind of stress, which is known as 'eustress', necessary for living organisms to unfold a new becoming, avoiding 'distress', that which is unhealthy and prevents growth as the focus of the organism is simply survival. It's in this learning delta where we experience the Ecotone of life.

As we think now about a learning journey, that which allows us to mark our path for others, we ponder a model, an abstraction, that might help us in the telling of the journey. Here we begin to see faint hints of something we imagine as a Sapience Engine, an illusive promise of our own journey.

Traveler's Learning Model

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