Leibniz in 4'

The best entry point (in Konrad Hinsen's opinion, see matrix ) is the four-minute video : A brief demonstration of Leibniz, a Digital Scientific Notation for computational physics and chemistry. To play with Leibniz yourself, see github .

Ward via matrix @khinsen : let me explore how this might fit into federated wiki: plain text with extendable markup plus named pages with links I will point to two cases, one where we render text as mathematical expressions but don't evaluate them, the other where we write javascript code and evaluate this in the context of large libraries and visualize the result. Leibnitz would deserve a third approach, but one that would not be out of place among these others. Here we implement specialized rendering by adding a new plugin type: http://plugins.dojo.fed.wiki/view/welcome-visitors/view/about-mathjax-plugin Here we use the existing Code plugin which is suitable for rendering javascript but not yet evaluating it. We do that with another plugin that reads the code and evaluates it. http://three.ward.asia.wiki.org/view/welcome-visitors/view/graveyard-ghost