Live Object Programming in Pharo

If you are either a beginner or an expert in object-oriented programming, this course will change the way you program with objects: come and learn or rediscover object-oriented programming with Pharo! page


Konrad Hinsen via discord You have to sign up to the supervised version of the MOOC: page . In fact, that's the only one I was aware of. I just discovered from your link that the various resources are also available for self-study,


Pharo is a pure object-oriented programming language in the tradition of Smalltalk. It offers a unique developing experience in constant interaction with live objects. Pharo is elegant, fun to use and very powerful. It is very easy to learn and enables to understand advanced concept in a natural way. When programming in Pharo, you are immersed in a world of live objects. You have immediate feedback at any moment of your development on objects representing web applications, code itself, graphics, network… Pharo is also a very powerful open-source environment used by companies to develop web applications.

In this course, we will present more specifically Pharo’s Web stack which changes the way you build web applications.In addition we will present fundamental programming concepts and how Pharo uses them. We will present some coding idioms and Design Patterns to better design object-oriented applications. Such concepts can be applied to any object-oriented programming language.This course is intended for people with a programming experience but everyone motivated could follow the course thanks to the numerous resources proposed. This course will also have an interest for computer programming teachers: Pharo is a good teaching tool for object-oriented programming and the course will discuss object-oriented design principles (e.g. polymorphism, message sending, self/super, design patterns).