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mold → "mold" tab in Antinet as entry point


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- (within Shape)

mold.dreyeck.ch ⇒ EuroPLoP Project Diary

Murmuration (within Meta)

Laws of Form Objects github – See section 5.3.1 of Andrés Valloud, „A Mentoring Course on Smalltalk“, 2010

The Theory of Model Power and of Model Monopoly by Stein Bråten (within ~/mdp/0c1) page

Mangel an Wissen (within r.Vergessen.Esposito) See: Lack of Knowledge

match (within Value) See: Matching

Measurement (within Simple View) See: The goal question metric approach, mechanism for creating a corporate **Memory**

– (within Flüchtige Zeiten)

Marker (within Edit Hint)

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