The neighborhood is the list of sites seen while browsing within one tab. The site's flags are shown in the footer.

A flag shows gray if the site is not currently available.

A flag rotates while waiting to be polled for a Sitemap of available pages. A crooked flag shows the poll failed.

The wiki keeps track of sites you visit and sites mentioned on pages you visit on each site. Wiki seeks to know about sites in this collection called a neighborhood.

Wiki knows a site by the list of pages returned as a site map. It requests a map soon after it learns of each site.

The neighborhood flags are displayed at the bottom right of the browser below any page content.

Wiki displays the flags for sites in your neighborhood in the lower right corner of the browser window.

Hover over a flag to see the name of the site.

Click a flag to recall its Welcome Visitors page.

Flags rotate to indicate that wiki is still working on retrieving a site map for a newly encountered site.

Flags rotate slowly while a site waits its turn. Wiki waits a few seconds between retrieving maps in order to be a good internet citizen.

Flags rotate quickly while a site map fetch is in progress. Fetching can occur in a blink or last many seconds.

Flags are left slightly crooked when wiki gives up on retrieving a site map. Often this means the site is too large or too old to over the site map service.


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