Containers are permeated with void Forms.

First and foremost, James forms are void-based.

After working with Laws of Form for over a decade, William Bricken learned to recognize the depths to which Spencer Brown had deconstructed our notions of Truth and Rationality.

> In Boundary Logic this is particularly clear since logical boundaries are **semipermeable**, the Outside has complete access to the Inside.


permeate | BrE ˈpəːmɪeɪt, AmE ˈpərmiˌeɪt | A transitive verb (get into) dringen in (+ Akk.) (pass through) dringen durch (saturate) erfüllen ▸ permeate sb's consciousness jmdm. ins Bewusstsein dringen ▸ be permeated with or by sth (figurative) von etw. durchdrungen sein B intransitive verb ▸ permeate through sth etw. durchdringen ▸ permeate through to sb zu jmdm. durchdringen