Physicality of Containers

The physicality of Containers means that we can viscerally interact with James Forms.

We can elect, for instance, to build James forms out of physical objects such as blocks, or out of physical enclosures such as Rooms.

The James axioms define the coordinated Behavior of various patterns of containment. A sequence of structural transformations can be animated. The creation, deletion and rearrangement acts that constitute both proof and computation can be presented in Videos as dynamic Animations. Many transformations can happen at the same time since (other than Containment) each container is independent of the others.

The Inside of a container supports concurrent Transformation of its Contents, just like the inside of a theater full of people supports concurrent breathing. In that metaphor, all Transactions are between a person and the air in the room, between content and context. There is no interaction between contents, no direct connections between people in the room. All may be immersed in (contained by) watching the movie. None are watching the other movie-goers.

In James algebra, there are no instances of counting, ordering or grouping because there is no imposition of structure other than that of containment. Importantly, only one axiom permits rearrangement of structure, the forte of string languages. The other two axioms (and most of the theorems) are void-based, they eliminate structure by erasure/deletion, by casting structure into void.

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