- ICT influence on teaching and research > The PC, the office programmes, the databases, the spreadsheets, were first and foremost "solutions" – solutions, moreover, that emerged outside the academic world – for which the associated "problems" had yet to be found. See Reffell and Whitworth 2002, esp. 427-8; generally on the inversion of "solution" and "problem" Weick 1976.

* Burn The Diskpacks > […] it is hard to change a system if you have to worry about backwards compatibility and keeping your legacy running. Progress means leaving the old world behind.


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STICHWEH, Rudolf, 2008. „Information and Communication Technologies“ und ihr Einfluß auf Lehre und Forschung in den Jahren 2008 bis 2018, [online]. 2008. [Zugriff am: 29 Juli 2021]. Verfügbar unter:

Current trends in IT education reflect this process of deskilling as "IT skills'' primarily focus upon the learning of techniques used in the computerised office, rather than developing the critical faculties that allow one to understand and use a technology for one's own needs.

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