A Container is an Object from the Outside and a process from the Inside. (Bricken, Iconic Arithmetic Volume I, p. 137)

Process is Rearrangement, not deletion, of Structure. pdf

Strings collect and store Structure that might be Information.

Perception links organic and communicative processes. It can be perceived as an organic Process, i.e. it can be reflexive; it can be communicated about linguistically.


The Ship is a living being (Living Phoenix), enlivened by its crew.

Programs consist of many thousands of statements about how a computer should usefully work in the future. We call individuals who make these statements programmers and those who decide what would be useful, customers. S1

In writing the Path of Transformation we are applying the concepts of Pattern Languages.

> For this effort, we are going to use a simple paradigm of language, one in which the framework of language is essentially comprised of syntax, nouns, and verbs. While syntax varies for each language [⇒ Syntactic Variety of Iconic Forms], it represents the core Structure in which we understand meaning from the relationship of nouns and verbs.

Here we capture the process by which this book is unfolding …