Psychoanalyzing Westworld

The Psychoanalytic Understanding of Consciousness, Free Will, Language, and Reason examines the ways in which we can use psychoanalysis in order to better understand humanity and explores the question of what makes us human. For thousands of years, thinkers have been trying to define what makes us human. Some of the main questions they have asked is: What is consciousness? Do we have free will? Do animals use language? And what does reason mean? Samuels argues that we need to better understand the psychoanalytic approach to human nature in order to answer these questions, as well as using it to provide a new way of understanding issues such as addiction, political conflict, ideology and destructive personal relationship. This book will be of vital interest to psychotherapists, as well as students and researchers across the fields of psychoanalysis, philosophy and psychology.


SAMUELS, Robert, 2023. The Psychoanalytic Understanding of Consciousness, Free Will, Language, and Reason: What Makes Us Human?. Routledge. ISBN 978-1-00-336461-0. page

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Psychoanalyzing Westworld: Beyond Robots and Computers 3. Sam Harris and the Repression of Consciousness and Free Will 4. Is Language an Instinct? 5. Why Your Mind is Not an iPhone? 6. Psychoanalysis Beyond Machines and Animals 7. Jordan Peterson and Right-Wing Biological Determinism 8. Conclusion: Why Defining the Human Matters Index