Quub Demo

codefrau — discord @Ward re apps in iframes: can you try something simpler like e.g. https://croquet.io/quub/ in your iframe? wonder if we're doing something odd in the way fountain fetches the physics engine web assembly code (in general croquet apps work fine in iframes, but it may depend on the iframe flags)

DOT FROM lambda-browsing



**Frame**: `index.html `


Requires XHR access to croquet.io and api.croquet.io

Ward — 2022-06-02 via discord This app came up and interacted successfully with the session running sans iframe in another tab. It wasn't without cors complaints and came up with unexpected colors. Here is what I saw in the javascript console […]

codefrau 🦩 — yes that's not correct. Ok, please try an even simpler app: https://croquet.io/multiblaster ⇒ MultiblasterCroquet Multiblaster

Ward — In the other tab I see white boxes on a green background.

codefrau 🦩 — yes green how it's supposed to look like. Please try multiblaster, which does not do fancy 3D but uses plain 2D canvas rendering

Ward — I've been launching these with the q parameter that is generated when viewing in a separate tab.

codefrau 🦩 — good, yes