But how can this mode – as a way of relating to the world that is opposed to the mode of Aggression and the experience of Alienation that corresponds to it – be defined more precisely?

Hartmut Rosa's thesis is that resonance is not just a metaphor for a particular experience, nor does it refer to an emotional state of the subject, but denotes a mode of relating that can be precisely determined by four defining characteristics.

The moment of

* touch (Affectation) * self-efficacy (Response) * *Anverwandlung* (Transformation) * Unavailability


For some time I have been pondering The Nature of Genius. What if the flow of this genius is directly related to, what Alexander called, QWAN? What if this genius, that passionate flowing of spirit, is related to our core energetic frequency, what we could call our Primal Resonance?

When we willingly enter into a new space, we bring our stories. We hope to be in a state of Curiosity about others entering the space. In each of us resides a hope that we may experience a deep connection with them.

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