Review Changes

When you return to wiki you will want to remember what you changed on your site or what others have changed on their sites.

Page Changes

Each wiki page keeps a Journal of the actions that lead to the current story. This displays at the bottom of the page. If you hover over an action it will often highlight the story item (paragraph) where the action took place.

The Actions of the Journal appear as boxed letters at the page bottom.

Actions are of various types. The first letter of the type name shows up in the Journal.

Move: an item was dragged to a new position within a single page.

Add: a new item was added to the page. The [+] at the bottom of a page will add new items. Dragging an item from another page adds it to the destination page.

Remove: an item was removed from a page. It may have been dragged elsewhere or removed by deleting its contents.

Edit: the contents of an item. This could be from double-clicking a text field or dropping desktop content on an item factory.

Create: the page was created empty by following a link to a non-existant page or with content from an outside source.

Fork: the page was copied from another site preserving that site's history. The fork provides the attribution required by the CC-BY-SA license.

Site Changes

Each site contains a page called Recent Changes which lists pages grouped by the time. Groups include pages changed within an minute, hour, day, week or month. Pages appear alphabetically within a group. They show as links to the changed page and include a count of story items in parenthesis.

Good practice offers a link to the recent changes page on a site's Welcome Visitors page.

Since the recent changes page is generated by the server on demand, one can add /view/recent-changes to the current location to retrieve a list of changes to any server.