Sequences are Functions That Do Not ForgetMemoization: The basic idea is just to keep a table of previously computed input/result pairs. [⇒ Table LookupTable Lookup and Dispatch]

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Sequence of Structural Transformations can be animated. (Iconic Arithmetic I, 138)

You can think of it as putting things into Containers (wiki pages) and rearranging those containment relationships (graphviz diagram) by following the pattern rules. matrix

Which of the things that we make are good? Which are beautiful? Which are wonderful, coherent, clear, natural, and full of life?

with Quantum States: A Look Under the Hood. arxiv

Luhmann‘s Principle: Branching

In cognitive psychology, sequence learning is inherent to human ability because it is an integrated part of conscious and nonconscious learning as well as activities. wikipedia

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