Smallest Federated Wiki

The Smallest Federated Wiki was the founding project that has grown into many sites running substantially evolved client and server software. See Federated Wiki wikipedia

From WIRED magazine : > Ward Cunningham, the creator of the wiki, is proud of his invention. But there is one thing he regrets. The central idea of a wiki -- whether it's driving Wikipedia or C2 -- is that anyone can add or edit a page, but those pages all live on servers that someone else owns and controls. Cunningham now believes that no one should have that sort of central control, so he has built something called the federated wiki.

> The radical idea of the wiki was to put an edit button on every page. The radical idea of the federated wiki is to put a "fork" button on every page.

> The federated wiki concept does more than just help editors own their own data, Max Ogden, a Code for America fellow who has advised Cunningham, tells Wired. It enables dissent. > "Wikipedia forces you to give up your own perspective," Ogden says. There are issues that no one will agree on, but with the federated wiki model, everyone can have their own version of controversial pages. "And they're all linked together, so you can still explore them like a wiki."

> The idea... is to innovate in three ways: > * The new Wiki shares through federation, * composes by refactoring and * wraps data with visualization. > As Cunningham said in the March 7 presentation, “We’re making an ecosystem here for sharing data about ideas. I’m taking the conversation about **how we’re going to live going forward**, to be based on ideas backed up by data that we can understand because it has sensible visualizations.” >A Federated Wiki page will be a collection of paragraphs and paragraph-like items, such as images and data, constructed using a simple JSON model of the page. “What’s important is the basic and straightforward schema we have with this JSON can be shared between a wide variety of sites,” Cunningham has noted in one of his github video presentations exploring the idea. Even data collected from sensors can be published as a Federated Wiki page.