Super Collaborator

We explore the Hypertext Super Collaborator by assembling some recent discoveries in federated wiki. We cast this as a concurrent multi-user web application streaming fragments and then assembling them as participants find them interesting. github

- [x] samples from daily haiku graphs - [x] compositing algorithm - [x] property graph to graphviz dot - [x] wasm graphviz to svg rendering - [x] schema based incremental creator - [x] host graphs in croquet - [x] incremental beam updates - [ ] property editor - [x] personal uploads - [x] personal downloads

Try this version. run (ward), run (ralf)


New in localhost vs experimental.

for i in {*.html,*.js};do echo "=============="; echo $i; echo "-------------"; diff <(curl -s$i) $i; done

New in experimental vs production.

for i in {*.html,*.js};do echo "=============="; echo $i; echo "-------------"; diff <(curl -s$i) <(curl -s$i); done