“test && commit || revert”

A couple articles draw attention to making extremely small changes. Increase the frequency, make steps smaller and lower-risk. Take that to an extreme and enjoy the surprise that it actually works. Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham are not done changing the software world.

> Kent Beck on Testing the Boundaries of Collaboration article with test && commit || revert (TCR)

"A handful of bloggers and screencasters have replicated TCR in various languages and programming environments. Usage, so far, is confined to wild-eyed pioneers, but momentum is gathering. If you’re the sort of person who likes to try out new programming workflows for fun, TCR awaits you. If you like smooth, professional tool support, then you’ll need to write your own."

TCR workshop github , medium , slides

YOUTUBE ZrHBVTCbcE0 substring, TCR style

Demonstrates the TCR (test && commit || revert) programming workflow with a tricky bit of logic. The fundamental question of TCR is "how can I make this change in smaller steps?", because if you take a big step your code is going to disappear *poof*.


Llewllyn Falco doing Gilded Rose kata with TCR and snapshot testing

YOUTUBE wp6oSVDdbXQ Llewellyn Falco: From 0% to Cleanly Refactored 100% tested code - Craft Conference 2019