The Augmented Conversation

Human communication mediated by computers and Augmented Reality devices will enable us to dynamically express, share and explore new ideas with each other via live simulations as easily as we talk about the weather.

This collaboration provides a “shared truth” — what you see is exactly what I see, I see you perform an action as you do it, and we both see exactly the same dynamic transformation of this shared information space. When you express an idea, the computer, a full participant in this conversation, instantly makes it real for both of us enabling us to critique and negotiate the meaning of it. This shared virtual world will be as live, dynamic, pervasive, and visceral as the physical.

David A Smith (2020), The Augmented Conversation and the Amplified World. pdf


And I go back to the Mouse as an example, where you're resting your hand on the mouse. And it's nowhere near the screen, but you're projecting that cursor – your brain – we learned how to use tools as a species a long, long time ago.

And so we're extending our body via this mouse.

So you think about it, youtube your eyes, which are looking and acting as sort of your mouse cursor, and your voice, which is able to add the verbs. **So your eyes are nouns and your voice is the verbs** – are able to do an incredible amount. And so we really need to extend the whole body interaction into that domain.

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It's with David Bohm's writings that appeared in the 1950s that we began to open the door further to the potential sensed in Whitehead's earlier speculative philosophy.

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