Time Travel Project

Pattern Summary
Version History You have an object whose changes you need to track. Split the object into two parts. One part is immutable. One is a snapshot of the changeable state
Perspective Create a Perspective object to represent a point of view into the history of a versioned object.
Effective Date Separately record the date on which the system should act as if a version is valid.

* [x] Create method pay: and pay in class Contract class * [x] `testNaivePayToday` Test GREEN * [x] Define the ContractVersion (we omit the Constructor Method #pay: * [x] Implement the 2 visible methods in Contract: `#versionAt:put:` and `#versionAt:`. * [x] `testPayToday` GREEN * [x] `testPayLastMonth` GREEN ContractVersion (accessing class):

pay: anInteger ^ (self new) pay:anInteger.

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http://www.manfred-lange.com/publications/TimeTravel.pdf Wayback Machine has 38 captures 8 Dec 2004 - 30 Dec 2021 We start our time travel with the capture from DEC 08 2004