* Past—Present—Future

* History We make up history to make sence of the present and the future.

* Episodes We use episodes to make sense of time. We connect points in time into sequences the make sense of each other and of the Whole (Part).

Not just the arrow of time but also the amount of time available. How Much Time will we take? Remember that meta always has a longer wavelength.

The Form of TIme by Elliott Jacques, M.A, M.D., Ph.D is a profoundly useful exploration of time as it relates to people in groups getting things accomplished.

“How long will we care?”

Because people are mobile and action (movement and change) are essential to life, time is primary and movement (places) are secondary. Time makes sense of place. Time and place make sense of purposes, Time, places, and purposes make sense of politics (people making decisions), etc through mechanisms and productive actions.


Models have no concept of real-world **Time**. All they know about is Simulation Time, which is governed by the Reflector. page