a set of methods, divorced from any class hierarchy pdf

Traits can be composed in arbitrary order. The composite entity (class or trait) has complete control over the composition and can resolve conflicts explicitly.

In their original form, traits were stateless, i.e., pure groups of methods without any attributes. Stateful Traits extend stateless traits by introducing a single attribute access operator to give clients of the trait control over the visibility of attributes.

A class or another trait is composed from traits and it retains full control of the composition being able to ignore or rename some methods of the traits it uses.

See *Create and use a new Trait*. github (pharo-wiki)


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Traits are pure units of Behavior that can be composed to form classes or other **traits**. The trait composition mechanism is an alternative to multiple or mixin inheritance in which **the composer has full control over the trait composition**. It enables more reuse than single inheritance without introducing the drawbacks of multiple or mixin inheritance. page