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A community's development should be in the hands of its people. They're the only ones who can create local places, buildings, organizations, and economies, to meet their needs, and fix their problems. With the right tools, which we work to provide here, people can create cities that are beautiful, tolerant, fulfilling, locally self-reliant, ecologically responsible, directly democratic, and socially just.

Who we are: Greg Bryant guides this experiment in community self-development. Greg has written and edited a journal of successful community projects, rain magazine, since 1989. He also co-founded two influential community centers. He's run thousands of community events, and improved dozens of buildings and places. One of his most important achievements as a community organizer, was the revival of a downtown. This was achieved by saving it from Urban Renewal, through a ballot initiative. He's also a computer scientist and engineer, programming and building products for over 40 years. Greg can be reached at: […]

Our influences:

The material on this site was directly influenced by earlier projects with architectural philosopher Christopher Alexander, and by his insights on living structure. It was also influenced by an observation of Noam Chomsky's, that computer tools, of the kind we would call "business intelligence" today, are built to provide data and control to executives and managers, but not to workers and citizens. We hope to change this.

We are also deeply inspired by the countless people who fight for community autonomy, who build beautiful things for the public in their neighborhoods, who provide community services, who provide local food and goods for local consumption, who replace imports from the system of abusive multinational corporations, and who struggle towards worker ownership, consumer-worker co-operation, direct democracy, and justice, at all levels, and in all institutions.