After working with Laws of Form for over a decade, William Bricken learned to recognize the depths to which Spencer Brown had deconstructed our notions of Truth and Rationality.

The VOID transformation.

This is a pervasive transformation, working at many levels of scale.

The basic idea of the transformation is that at the core of any Center, there is always some undisturbed and perfectly peaceful area which lacks busyness or excessive structure. It is very important that each serious center, has, within its boundary, some area or volume like this. Often this area is large in extent, compared with all the other elements that have a great deal of structure.

This transformation can probably be expressed arithmetically, as a statistic on the whole configuration.


The Distinction between empty and Emptiness is all that is necessary to construct traditional mathematics.

I (William Bricken) am drawing attention to the fact that there are two kinds of emptiness.